Centurion university is all set to host its 1st Open Day and Mega Centurion Expo this year on 5th March, 2020 on the eve of Gajajyoti2020 where more than 8000 students of all schools and colleges even including the parents of the students and some dignitaries within the state of Odisha are expected to participate. The idea of holding an “Open Day and Mega Centurion Expo” within the Institute premises was first floated, on the eve ofthe 9thAnnual Techno-Science-Management-Cultural-Literary Fest of Centurion University, Bhubaneswar Campus. The celebration to promote scientific talent and inspire students of the hinterland at an early stage.

Speaking on the occasion, Centurion University Of Technology Of Management(BBSR campus)says, “The university provides high quality education both nationally and internationally through hands-on practice, liveproject, skill integrated and domain linked curriculum, learning -by-doing and industry internships. It has the state-of -the -art laboratory and workshop facilities with manufacturing capability. On the open day , The centurion family will open the doors of our campus to the general public and let them witness the development and achievements Centurion University has gained till date .All the things of our campus including Projects, SFS Areas, World Skill, Domains, Labs, Products and any other item should be showcased”

 Accredited with NAAC Grade ‘A’
 Awarded with UGC 12(b)
 Awarded with Odisha’s first skilled university
 Certified from ICAR
 World Class Laboratory Facility
 World class sports facility and infrastructure

In this Mega Expo, the Institute faculty and students will showcase the science and technology initiatives undertaken in various areas, such as Energy, Materials, Healthcare, Engineering, Physics and Chemistry at centurion university through simple, easy to understand 150+ live experiments and exhibits to inspire as well as to promote and ignite the scientific learning curiosity among the students, across all schools and colleges of Science and Engineering. The sole objective of the Open Day and Expo is to attract the school kids of remote locality, especially to empower the girl students to the sphere of Science and Technology. The Open Day and Expo is indeed going to be an exciting, enriching and knowledgeable experience for all the participating students with a lasting impact on their career path ahead. All the visiting students and volunteers are provided with lunch using contributions from several sponsors and Institute end.