1. Dart
  2. Try your Luck
  3. Cold drinks (5 bottles)
  4. Table
  5. Make the Pyramid
  6. Break the Pyramid
  7. Lemon spoon race
  8. Plastic spoon
  9. Lemon
  10. Light the candle
  11. Jump and eat
  12. Ring the bottle
  13. Blow the ballon
  14. Burst the ballon


  1. The minimum size of each group is 3 and Maximum size is 7
  2. Maximum time limit for each act is 15mins
  3. No individual performer is allowed to participate in this event


  1. Maximum time limit for each act is 8 mins
  2. No group performance is allowed to participate in this event


  1. All the interested students must submit their names to the coordinators.
  2. There will be two rounds held in the competition.
  3. First round will be the KNOCKOUT round & second will be FINAL round.
  4. Each participants will be given 2 min for the performance.
  5. Participants need to practice their own song of any Language.
  6. Students can sing with their own Karaoke(instrumental BGM).


  1. will be individual in roadies.
  2. here will be a total of 5-6 rounds. In case of tie, more rounds will be conducted.
  3. he details of the rounds will be given on the spot.
  4. The participants must come physically and mentally prepared.
  5. ll the tasks will be done near the lawn.


  1. Walk around the chair when the music starts.
  2. Find the chair to sit when music stops.
  3. Leave the game if you are left without a chair
  4. Remove one chair and play again.
  5. Continue playing rounds until there is one person left.
  6. Don’t touch the chairs while playing.
  7. You need to register your name to participate in the game.
  8. Do not argue with the respective coordinators once you loose


  1. No revealing costumes.
  2. Song duration must be within 4 minutes.
  3. No profanity is to be heard.
  4. Every group must consist of more than 2 members. No substitution permitted.
  5. Use of drugs, cigarettes and alcoholic beverage are strictly prohibited.
  6. Please prepare your own CD, groups must register at the location 25 minutes before the competition start.
  7. Every particip ant must be college/university student.
  8. Deadline for registration: 1st march 2019
  9. The dance style should include any form of street dance.
  10. No explicit gestures, comments and movements.
  11. Marks will be given on creativity, music, stage presence, teamwork, dance variation, synchronization, entertainment value, crowd response and skills. The decisions of the judges are final.
  12. Each entry form must be completed with a non-refundable cash entry fee of solo and for each of group members.
  13. All the participants should register for the competition.
  14. Registration fee will be Rs.100/- per person.
  15. Registration for the competition on 1st March will begins from 10am onwards.
  16. Individual participants are allowed to take part in the competition.
  17. Group participation are not allowed.
  18. Basic materials will be provided to the registered participants.
  19. Additional materials are allowed for the craft items & should be brought by the participants.
  20. Registered participants should submit their craft items after completion.
  21. They can also sell their items during the timespan of exhibition.
  22. Top 3 students with the best craft items will be awarded.
  23. Certificates for participation will be given to all the registered students.


  1. The students must register their names before 5:00 Pm of 28th Feb, 2019.
  2. The participants shall report at least 20 minutes prior the commencement of the competition.
  3. The decision of judges will be final and binding to all the participants.


  1. In this event participants will have to produce advertisement for a product/ service in a proper way which is quite appealing to audience.
  2. Each group must have 3 members.
  3. There will be 2 rounds :Round 1: Prelims Round; 2: Final round
  4. Judging is done on the basis of team’s performance.
  5. Participants should bring institute’s ID card along with them at the time of registration and must report at the time given.
  6. The ad prepared by the contestants must not contain any obscene words/any subject that hurts the feelings of a culture/language/religion/region.
  7. Disobedience of rules may lead to disqualification.
  8. The decision of the judge is final and abiding.
  9. Participants will be required to bring all necessary accessories by their own


  1. There can be only 2 members in each group.
  2. The participants can make words VERTICALLY, HORIZONTALLY, STRAIGHT, DAIGONALLY
  3. The participants who complete the grid within the given time will have to shout “BINGO”.


  1. Business plans may be submitted by individuals or by teams.
  2. There must not be more than 3 in a team.
  3. Executive summary, containing the expansion of business concept outlined must be sent through, E-mail on or before event time and the selected plans will be intimated through e-mail.
  4. The subject of the e-mail should be B-PLAN
  5. Teams should bring soft copy in pen-drive and Hard copy while attending competition.
  6. The candidates should not participate in any other events.(at the time of b-plan event.)
  7. A screening committee will review all the submissions and select the best finalists to present at the event. The screening committee decision shall be final. All submissions must clearly explain the business concept in terms that do not expect the reader to be an expert in your industry or technology.


  1. Maximum 3 groups can participate in the event from a particular college with minimum 3 members in each group.
  2. The game consist of 3 rounds
  3. First round will be conducted on individual basis for which each of the groups has to recommend one member from them and then second and third rounds will be on group basis.
  4. During the event every group will be given different tasks like identifying the logos, taglines, key persons, assembling jumbled words and to observe videos.


  1. Student can form group of maximum2.
  2. The entire game will be divided into 2 stages.
  3. In the 1st stage they will choose a product or brand of their own (Non available in the market). They will demonstrate different marketing principle to sale of product in front of panellist. This stage may be an elimination round, depending upon the panellist.
  4. In the 2nd stage, here the judges will give a product or brand. They will give 20 minutes to demonstrate their selling skill. They can use laptop or any other marketing materials having the process.
  5. For each stage the maximum presentation is 5 minute and 5 minute for question answer session


  1. There can be only two members in one group.
  2. There will be a set of 30 managerial questions. In which the participants have to attend all the questions.
  3. 30 words-10 Minutes
  4. Round 1: 50 % elimination


  1. The stock name cannot contain offensive words in any language. Such users will be deleted without any notice.
  2. The winners of the game will be awarded prizes.
  3. Investment game will conduct for 30minutes on 1st of March 2017.
  4. Only the best performing portfolio will be awarded.


  1. Assign each player/team a color. Put each clue in a color-coded envelope in each hiding space. That way, the teams won't read each other's clues or take each other's treasure.
  2. The "treasure" should fit in your envelopes. It can be a certificate, some stickers, a picture, or a small prize.
  3. It works better if there are more locations than there are teams.
  4. Make sure you don't hide a clue in the place it points to! You might want to play through each team's hunt just to make sure that everything is working right.
  5. A house works great for small children, but big kids will need more space. Try the back yard, the school, or the whole neighborhood!
  6. Your clue should have two parts: general and specific. One part of the clue should direct players to the general spot (room, yard, tree), and the other part of the clue should give the details of where to look for the envelope (in the jar, under the big rock, on Julia's desk)


  1. No group participation
  2. Participants have to report at the venue at least 2 hours before on the scheduled time.
  3. Paper must contain participant’s details along with the faculty guide’s name ,department and college .(Better to keep these details in extra margin).
  4. Paper should be neat and clean
  5. Both paper (drawing sheet ) and flex printing allowed.
  6. Ties, if any, will be resolved on the basis of understanding of the basic idea/concept/experiment represented on the poster.


  1. Group size minimum 2 and maximum 3. No single participant is allowed.
  2. There will be different rounds consisting of with/without option, with/without pass, with /without negative and visual type questions.
  3. The participants for right answer will get 10 marks and for passes whoever answer they will get 5 marks and for wrong answer there will be a negative marking depending on which round you are. Finally for no answer participant will get zero mark.
  4. No mobile phones are allowed during the competition.
  5. In case of disputes, decision of experts (teachers +researchers team) will be considered as final.
  6. Once competition starts no one is allowed to the competition spot whether registered or note.
  7. Ties, if any, will be resolved by rapid fire round.


The person qualifying 1st level will be promoted to next level

Rules For Level-1 (Quiz)

  1. Compidition of PharmaQuiz Having 15 questions
  2. Each question carries 3 mark.
  3. Participants Should Finish the Quiz within 20 min

Rules For Level-2 (Puzzle)

  1. In level-2 participants should arrange the alphabates that will indicate a drug name.
  2. Time limit for level-2 is 3 min.

Rules For Level-3 (Find the Name)

  1. Guess the appropiate use of the above drug by matching it with the given emoji
  2. There are 5 emoji each contains 2 min